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The idea of this blog is coming from curiosity, which always arises during internet surfing. To share some knowledge and solve some queries of day to day life, we are here. 

This website provides you the excellent news or topic wise content based on science, educational, Yoga, health, and most searched questions.

We have brought this blog to solve our reader’s curiosity. By sharing valuable information on four relevant essential platforms. Such as educational topics, learning, health topics, and Yoga.

I, the founder of curiousia, studied in BCA[2nd year] in Midnapore college. I write blog posts in my leisure time. My hobby is to write quality content with the help of my experience, internet research, library, and science journal.

I want to help people by providing the desired content.

These are the things I am proficient in-

1. SEO (Attentive student).

2. SEM(Attentive student).

3. Financial Analyst. (Currently studying).

4. Blogging.

5. Web design and development. {Front end and Back end}

6. Photoshop.

7. Video editing.

8. Content writing.

9. Yoga

In the future, I want to be a successful Business Man.

As a part of “Curiousia”, we are committed to providing quality content based on facts and authorized sources analyzed by various expert. It is aimed to build this website where you will get the best-solved query from our experiences and learning from various sources, so you could resolve your curiosity.

If you need free quality content for your blog or website. If You want a free Responsive website or blog. If you want to learn about SEO for free. We want to spread our community, so we gave those free. 
Please email us [ Bouddhajs@gmail.com].

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Author of this blog>> Bouddha Jit Santra

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