Sprained toe- Possible treatment and diagnosis.

So what is sprained toe? Sprained is nothing but when you wrench or twist the ligaments of a toe in some situation like football playing, hence it causes pain and swelling. The ligament is a joint between two bones.
sprained toe

If you have a sprained toe, that means the ligament of toe's joint is torn or stretched. And it differs from a broken toe. A broken toe is not related to a ligament; it is related to broken bones.
Medical science tells us there are three essential joints in our toe which are the followings:

  1. First one is the metatarsophalangeal joint which is between toe and foot.
  2. The second one is the proximal interphalangeal joint which is the middle joint of the toe.
  3. The third one is the distal phalangeal joint placed in the top of the toe.

An interesting fact is that our big toe only contains with metatarsophalangeal joint and proximal interphalangeal joint.

The torn and stretching of any of the joint in the big toe experienced you painful. Read the whole article to know the possible treatment.

What is injured toe?

Sprained toe brief introduction.

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    If you have damaged toe, don't be panic. It is different from a broken toe. You may feel some pain like tenderness and increased pain when you move you're injured toe. But it is curable.

    You have to check the symptoms carefully. The signs of the damaged toe are written following. At first, diagnosed the grade of an injured toe. Then treat the injured toe as I write in following treatment section.

    injured toe symptoms

    Possible sprained toe symptoms.

    The symptoms of the toe(sprained) can be varied. If you involved with football playing or if you are working with heavy equipment, then some undesirable situation can occur Sprain feel to your toe. You have to check the following symptoms carefully.

    The main symptoms are-

    1. Is the pain is all over the toe, or it is around the defective area. If pain is all over the toe, then it may be the bone is fractured. You can make sure it by ultrasonography. If the pain is around the defective area, then it is sure that your ligament of the toe is injured.
    2. If you feel tenderness over toe(sprained), it causes the most of injury. It feels like gentle affection to your toe.
    3. Is your injured area swelled? Swelling can happen to most of the fractured area. It is normal. To repair the injury, it's happening.
    4. If the injured area is brushing, then it caused to ligament injury.
    5. It is hard to move the injured toe due to ligament fractured.
    6. If you feel joint instability, then it is due to ligament defect.

    The reason behind the toe spraining.

    Toe sprains are resulting from physical injury or hyperextension of toe. Damage can happen if you mistakenly hit your toe to something like a wall. Hyperextension refers to the unethical movement of your toe above the range of natural motion. Injury can happen if your toe stuck on something and your foot moving forward like hitting the football.  Maybe you are doing your homework and mistakenly fall to the ground.

    How to wrap a sprained toe?

    How to wrap toe?

    You can wrap a damaged toe by the following method:
    1. Put a little amount of cotton between the injured toe and healthy toe and hold those gently.
    2. Now using a medical cloth bandage those toes gently.
    3. Take an extra precaution not to tightly bandaged those toes. It can cause additional swelling. It can be harmful to you.
    4. Take extra care for this bandaged toes.

    Who have the possibilities to toe sprained?

     possibilities for injury

    The toe spraining can happen to anyone, but athletes have more possibilities and have a higher chance. E.g., many athletes and footballers have experienced the problem called turf toes. Hyperextension of the toe is the main reason for this problem.

    If you are involved with football playing, then you have to focus on your good shoes. Keep on eyes that the boots are fitted or not.

    Diagnosis of an injured toe (sprained).

    To diagnosis a toe (sprained), your doctor may ask you if you feel the pain while the toe is moving in a different direction. Be ready to tell them the real fact how you think about the pain in the toe (sprained). It will help your doctor to understand the grade of the sprain.

    After the examination by the doctor, they can advise you to do an x-ray of your foot. Also, they can tell you to do an MRI scan for your foot. The result will tell the doctor how much the ligament of your toe is damaged.

    The classification of ligament damage is broadly sectioning in 3 grade.

    1. If your ligament has less injury, then it will call grade-1 damage.
    2. If your ligament has minor torn and has mild joint instability, then it will call grade-2 damage.
    3. Grade-3 damage is under heavily injured ligament.

    Sprained toe vs. broken toe.

    sprained toe vs broken toe

    Ligament fractured causes toe sprained, whereas the broken bones cause broken toe. Following are the difference between a sprained toe and a broken toe.

    1. Sprained toe has a ligament issue.1. Fractured bones cause to a broken toe.
    2. The healing time of damaged ligament is low.2. But to fixed crushed bones, the time requirement is high.
    3. When you moved your injured toe, the feeling of pain is less.3. When you moved your broken toe, you may feel like a burning sensation.
    4. Swelling of the damaged area is significant.4. Swelling of damage area is low.

    Video guide to detecting your toe injury.

    Below the video is from RoyonRescue youtube channel. This video is shared on educational purposes only.


    Tips about treatment.

    treatment for toe

    If you have mildly sprained in your toe then not require any treatment. If you have severely sprained in your toe, then you have to bandage your toe by buddy taping. The bandaging will help your toe's ligament to recover. Also, provide you the stability to move your toe. You have to use good quality buddy tape for the toe.

    The taping is suitable for grade-1 sprained, but if you have grade-2 or grade-3 sprained, then you have to use walking boot. But above all the thing you have to consult with your doctor. He can tell you about the best treatment.

    Follow the tips for reducing pain and swelling-

    1. You have to rest your toe (sprained) as much as possible.
    2. After the injury, you have to apply the ice bag in your toe for 20 times in a day.
    3. Use a walking boot for protection.
    4. Use anti-inflammatory for reducing pain.
    5. Take extra care for moving your toe.

    Recovery time.

    In three to six month, most of the damaged toe (sprained) recovered. Depending on the wound, time may vary. Try to keep your toe bandaged for four weeks. Of course, the doctor's advice should continue.

    After recovery, you have to avoid sports for a short time — especially a football game. Also, beware of heavy work. If you have toe pain after two months, you should consult with a doctor.


    Finally, I'll say something that does not worry if you have sprained toe. In most of the cases, it recovers in weeks. But you have to take care of your toe when you are playing or working with heavy equipment. And best of luck. If you like this post about sprained toe, please comment and share with your friends for curiosity purposes. Revisit this website.[full_width]
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